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Since we started in 2015 FIVE40 Remodeling has grown from a small local handyman company into a full-service general contractor.  We hold a dual license to offer both residential and commercial general contracting services.  In addition, we offer residential and commercial consultation, contractor assistance, and investment property turnover.  

Our founder: “I have spent the past 2 decades in renovation and construction starting out on the east coast and working in Northern VA and Washington D.C.  before moving to AZ in late 2007.  It was during the recession of 2008 that decided to get serious about making the career change from foreman/lead carpenter to owner/employer.  I graduated from ASU’s WP Carey School of Business in 2013 with a degree in business management.  After graduation, I went back east for 1 year to assist in the oversight of a joint venture between the US Parks Dept., the state of VA, and the US Army to rehabilitate Ft. Monroe in Norfolk VA.  After completing that project I returned to AZ and began working to earn my contractor’s license. While studying and testing, I worked under the “handyman clause” in AZ performing small services (under $1000.00) for residential customers.  Even as an unlicensed contractor the one thing I always maintained in my relationships with clients, regardless of the situation, was honesty, integrity, and the utmost focus on performing quality work that I could be proud of at the end of the day.  Even though we have grown, we still maintain that same sense of customer loyalty and appreciation that helped get us here.  FIVE40 is a company focused on VALUE and we look for customers who understand that the best value does not necessarily mean the cheapest cost.  It is my promise to always do my best to offer value, consistency, and honesty on every project.  We will never sacrifice our principals in the pursuit of a dollar and we will never tell you “what you want to hear” simply to close a job.  I strongly believe that when you put good out, good will come back. (1).jpg
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