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FIVE40 Remodeling was founded in 2015 in Tempe, Arizona.  Our owner, Shannon Terembes, is a 20+ year veteran of remodeling with a wide range of projects and experience from the east to west coast. 


We are a small company with a big reputation and an impressive portfolio.   Our owner has played integral roles in large-scale projects including the historic restoration of Ft. Monroe in Norfolk VA, the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico, VA, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. 


Locally, our reputation precedes us as a reliable and trustworthy contractor you can depend on.    Our team has a wide range of experience across many disciplines.  Because of this we have the unique advantage and experience to tackle even the most challenging request.

We specialize in Whole Home Renovation, Kitchen Remodeling, and Additions but we can help with Framing, Millwork, Cabinetry, Welding, Custom Ironwork, Ornamental Metals, Project Management, Consulting, and more.  We believe everyone should have the best information available to make an informed decision. 


Please, do your research and see why time and time again, experienced homeowners looking for a reliable contractor choose FIVE40 Remodeling LLC!


A quote from our founder:

“The one thing I have always maintained in my relationships with clients, regardless of the situation, is honesty, integrity, and the utmost focus on performing quality work that I could be proud of at the end of the day.  Even though we have grown, we still maintain that same sense of customer loyalty and appreciation that got us here. It is my promise to always do my best to offer value, consistency, and honesty on every project.  We will never sacrifice our principals in the pursuit of a dollar and we will never tell you “what you want to hear” simply to close a job.  I strongly believe that when you put good out, good will come back.” 

Our Values:


We will practice honesty in all endeavors.  We will never make promises we can’t deliver or withhold information for the sake of profit.   We believe that knowledge is the most important tool a person can have in their belt, and we will always strive to provide the customer with ALL the information, so they are able to make the best decision for themselves.



We stand behind our word and our work.  We will approach every job with the same respect and attention to detail that we would in our own home. We will lean on our experience and knowledge to tell customers the hard truths even when it’s uncomfortable or unfavorable to us. We will take pride in our work and build with intent.



Accountability is a byproduct of integrity.  It’s taking responsibility for the things we do right, as well as those we could have done better.  We believe every mistake is an opportunity to learn through experience if we are willing to own it, reflect, and learn from it. We are only human.   



It is our goal to provide the best Value to you and your family.  When you hire FIVE40 Remodeling, you can rest assured that our team members will show up every day as scheduled, communicate effectively to answer any questions, and work with you to achieve the best finished product possible.  We will treat your home as if it were our own, making every effort to mitigate and remediate dust and particulate matter, protecting your floors and other surfaces, and cleaning up after ourselves daily.  From the first to the last day of your project, we will work diligently and efficiently to finish your project and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. (1).jpg
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